Tuesday, December 27, 2005

stupid, stupid boomers

Baby boomers want paper checks for social security because they like going to the bank. Aparently, they don't trust direct deposit, so me and everyone else with a job have to pay millions more each year so they can feel secure in something that they are guaranteed to get anyway. Because they like to go to the bank
Please. It's just another reason to slap a boomer. It's right up there with "still thinks it's funny they can't program a VCR clock," and "think they really stopped the Vietnam War."

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Gienna said...

Hah! They *do* think that!

I don't understand why it costs more to send them paper checks vs. direct deposit, though. Doesn't the government still ahve to send them some kind of paper record of the transaction?

Oh. I suppose I could read the article you linked to ...