Thursday, October 15, 2009

This Kid Just Peaked at Nine

OK, this goal pretty much rules:

There are a thousand things to like about this, not the least of which is how awesome the goal itself really was.

  1. That really is one awesome goal. So awesome, in fact, that I sort of worry that this kid may have peaked in Pee Wee Hockey. I don't want him angrily watching this video over and over when he's 40, eating a Hungry Man dinner while getting ready to go to work at the town dump, and then re-telling the tale to the guy at the dump who doesn't even speak English and is still sick of the story. Just saying: Get cracking on that homework, kid.
  2. The woman who shrieks at the end of the goal. It's a weird combination of Hockey Mom and Woo Girl. It's hard to say she was too excited, since this was such a spectacular goal, but I hope that she's just as amped up when the kid comes home with a B+. He'll need all the help he can get to make sure this wasn't life's high point for him.
  3. The goalie's reaction, which was to do nothing during the skater's whirling dervish routine, look back in astonishment at the puck in the net, look at the referee to demand that he rule the play illegal, because, c'mon, who does that, and then to throw his hands up in the universal "WTF?" gesture. He's waking up this morning only to find out that his failure is the newest Internet viral video. He will be mocked mercilessly by his friends today, and he will testily reply by making up a rule that invalidates the goal. He's not allowed to carry the puck like that! Even if he becomes the biggest banker in Maine, he'll still feel the sting every time he goes to the town dump and sees the Hero of the Portland Junior Pirates there, because he knows the dude will find a way to mention the goal. Again. The only way this becomes worse for the goalie is if the Woo Girl is actually his mother.