Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Really? Long Wharf, too?

OK, I don't live in Boston, and God knows Revere has its own problems to deal with, but the idea of privatizing Long Wharf really pisses me off. Hopefully some sanity and involved neighbors will win the day and save the space.

The space works so well precisely because it's a quiet spot on an otherwise bustling waterfront. That's not to say no one ever goes there; on the contrary, there are usually a score of people milling about along the wharf or sitting on the massive granite slabs, leaning against the thick black chains, looking down at the water and talking with whoever is there with them.

And they are talking quietly. Because you can talk quietly at Long Wharf. You can sit and chat like adults. Or you can sit silently and watch the boats coming in and out of the nearby piers. Or the planes taking off and landing across the way at Logan. Or hear the faint sound of music coming from the Bank of America Pavilion (nee FletBoston Pavilion, nee Harborlights). It's one of the most mellow spots in Boston, and can really calm your nerves after a busy day.

At what point exactly did we decide that the urban oasis is no longer necessary? Why must every space be programmed to death? The space is well designed, quiet, and put to good use by residents and visitors alike. What exactly is the BRA trying to fix by adding a restaurant to the site?

Oh, and by the way, Chart House is a restaurant that's already on Long Wharf. And Tia's, Sel de la Terre, and Legal Sea Foods are at less than a block away. The North End and its dozens and dozens of eateries are about a quarter-mile away. Faneuil Hall is across the street, for chrissakes, as are the pubs and restaurants on State Street. How many more places do we need to eat in this square mile of city?

(h/t: Universal Hub and Kevin McCrea)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wall Street Pulled Off the Lufthansa Heist

They made a movie to help explain Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's plan to save the banks! Why do what worked in Sweden and most other failing bank systems when you can just back up the trucks and load up the cash?

Robert DeNiro as Tim Geithner
Johnny Roast Beef as AIG, and his wife's pink Cadillac as his retention bonus
Frankie Carbone as Merrill Lynch, and his wife's fur coat as his performance bonus
Ray Liotta as Citibank
Joe Pesci as Rahm Emanuel
Morrie the Wig Man as GM
Lufthansa Airlines as the American taxpayer

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Someone in This Picture Hates the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Can you guess who it is?

Of course, this is not to be confused with hating Prince House of Pizza on Route 1. Because nobody hates Prince House of Pizza.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Give It Up For the Geeks at MIT

Them kids don't quit. Check this out:

The professor keeps comparing the tech to Minority Report, but it's actually cooler than that: What they presented doesn't require screens at all, unlike the gesture-based UI in the movie:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

That F***ing Superman Guy

Lex Luthor needs a bailout. I think you may know why:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why's It Always Revere?

I was reading Universal Hub tonight, and I saw this headline:

Big Beef at Kelly's

First, I thought, "Shit, what happened at Kelly's? Dammit, why does dumb shit always happen in Revere?"

Then I read Adam's post, which makes clear that this was the Kelly's in Medford, and i thought "Alright, dodged a bullet. Go Medford thugs!"

Next, I went to read the actual article at Wicked Local Medford, and it's this hilarious (because it wasn't me) story about some guys hitting on the drive-thru window girl and her boyfriend and his pals taking offense. Oh, and beating the flirty guy with sticks. And I think "Wow, thank God this wasn't in Revere. I'd never hear the end of it from my friends."

Finally, I read the final graf of the story:

The men described the original suspect, who was later identified as Ilir Sinaj, 23, of 139 Sigourney St., Revere. He was arrested and charged with three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

And I thought, "Dammit, dammit dammit!"

Next Stop: Rejection

A friend of mine, a dashing young lady who lives and works in Boston, was heading to work on the Green Line this morning when a lad decided to chat her up. She decided to turn his efforts into a teaching moment. Here’s what happened, in her own words:
Comely Friend of Under The Sink: I was on the T and a young dude in a suit was like, "What do your tattoos mean?"
11:35 AM
So I explained: Mother and father, and he asked, “Why in Arabic?” So I told him I was part Lebanese and he made some comment of how he cannot tan and he is not as golden as me, even in summer.
11:36 AM
So I laughed, and he was like, “Where do you work?” I told him, and he just went “Ah, [place where she works],” and asked if I did SQL work at all
11:37 AM
So I said yes, and he asked where I was from. And I said "I have a boyfriend, you know," and he was like, “Where's your ring?!”
11:38 AM

Under The Sink: He asked if you did SQL work???
Is he a stalker or did you have a SQL book out or something?

Comely Friend of Under The Sink: …and I laughed and said, “No ring!” And he laughed and said, "I wouldn't have started talking to you if you had one!" LOL
11:39 AM
[About the SQL stuff] No, he asked more about the database work I do.
11:40 AM
So he asked, “How'd you meet your bf, and I explained and mentioned [Boyfriend of Comely Friend of Under The Sink] was younger because we were talking about school, and he's like, “Whoa! I thought you were 25,” and then he said, “Wait how did your bf score a girl like you!?” And I said, "See what you're doing there, any girl would like to hear a compliment like that! That's nice."
11:41 AM
"You make good conversation. Focus on that, but don't come on too strong."

Under The Sink: LOLOL
11:42 AM

Comely Friend of Under The Sink: And I mentioned, "It's nice that you asked about work and stuff instead of just making fluffy convo!"
  And I said, "And you gotta ask right away if a girl has a boyfriend. Don't set yourself up for false advertising."
11:43 AM Then he was like, "Do you have any single friends like you!?!??"
  and I said no, sorry, but keep talking to girls on the T!
  It was a nice conversation!
So there you have it, a good-looking woman tells you what to do when flirting on the T:
  1. You have a small window of time when flirting on the T. Make the time count!
  2. Pay the lady a compliment!
  3. Avoid fluffy conversation that doesn’t mean anything to anyone.
  4. Ask her about work!
  5. Ask if she has a boyfriend!
  6. Don’t come on too strong!

Who knew there were this many rules?

The whole thing was eerily like making a cold call in sales. Our Comely Friend is like Giovanni Ribisi in Boiler Room:

In Defense of Rush

A Salon Blogger gives an excellent defense of Rush against the hordes mounting against him. Perhaps we have been too rash...

(h/t: James)

Thursday, March 05, 2009


OK, this is the last time Rick Santelli comes up around here, but I had to post this: Jon Stewart destroys the clown in eight short minutes:

Monday, March 02, 2009

Stuck in My Head: Don't Tell Me You Love Me (Really)

OK, this is stuck in my had in the literal sense: It's been rattling up there all morning. I was never a huge Night Ranger fan, although I do love "Sister Christian" like all 80's metalheads and Boogie Nights fans should.*

Anyway, the video is filled with unintentional comedy, so it's worth a gander. There's also a legitimately cool trick with a balloon, birthday cake, and slo-mo camera during the guitar solo on the old timey train. That's some music video magic.

*A big "Fuck You" to Universal group for disabling the embedding feature for their YouTube videos. MtvMusic didn't have the Sister Christian video, and I can't embed it here because Universal is a-scared of the Interwebz.

UPDATE: Here's the Sister Christian scene from Boogie Nights. I include it because 1) It rules, 2) Fuck You, Universal. Fair Use is a bitch, and 3) There's bonus Rick Springfield!