Monday, March 02, 2009

Stuck in My Head: Don't Tell Me You Love Me (Really)

OK, this is stuck in my had in the literal sense: It's been rattling up there all morning. I was never a huge Night Ranger fan, although I do love "Sister Christian" like all 80's metalheads and Boogie Nights fans should.*

Anyway, the video is filled with unintentional comedy, so it's worth a gander. There's also a legitimately cool trick with a balloon, birthday cake, and slo-mo camera during the guitar solo on the old timey train. That's some music video magic.

*A big "Fuck You" to Universal group for disabling the embedding feature for their YouTube videos. MtvMusic didn't have the Sister Christian video, and I can't embed it here because Universal is a-scared of the Interwebz.

UPDATE: Here's the Sister Christian scene from Boogie Nights. I include it because 1) It rules, 2) Fuck You, Universal. Fair Use is a bitch, and 3) There's bonus Rick Springfield!

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