Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Really? Long Wharf, too?

OK, I don't live in Boston, and God knows Revere has its own problems to deal with, but the idea of privatizing Long Wharf really pisses me off. Hopefully some sanity and involved neighbors will win the day and save the space.

The space works so well precisely because it's a quiet spot on an otherwise bustling waterfront. That's not to say no one ever goes there; on the contrary, there are usually a score of people milling about along the wharf or sitting on the massive granite slabs, leaning against the thick black chains, looking down at the water and talking with whoever is there with them.

And they are talking quietly. Because you can talk quietly at Long Wharf. You can sit and chat like adults. Or you can sit silently and watch the boats coming in and out of the nearby piers. Or the planes taking off and landing across the way at Logan. Or hear the faint sound of music coming from the Bank of America Pavilion (nee FletBoston Pavilion, nee Harborlights). It's one of the most mellow spots in Boston, and can really calm your nerves after a busy day.

At what point exactly did we decide that the urban oasis is no longer necessary? Why must every space be programmed to death? The space is well designed, quiet, and put to good use by residents and visitors alike. What exactly is the BRA trying to fix by adding a restaurant to the site?

Oh, and by the way, Chart House is a restaurant that's already on Long Wharf. And Tia's, Sel de la Terre, and Legal Sea Foods are at less than a block away. The North End and its dozens and dozens of eateries are about a quarter-mile away. Faneuil Hall is across the street, for chrissakes, as are the pubs and restaurants on State Street. How many more places do we need to eat in this square mile of city?

(h/t: Universal Hub and Kevin McCrea)

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Marty Pupko said...

You want some peace and quiet in Boston? Try Fenway in October.

Hah hah hah...

Actually, I'm psyched for the beginning of the baseball season. And my company (local cable provider) announced at a meeting today that they are working to strike a deal to broadcast NESN. I "wooted" at that, drawing some "what-the-hell-are-you-wooting-at" stares from those around me. Oh, how I have missed Jerry Remy... we'll be back together real soon, Rem Dawg.. real soon.