Thursday, December 22, 2005

Romney unveils his political strategy

Romney has spent the better part of the past year barmstorming ealry primary states across the country, pulling himself out of the moderate positions he used to win election in Massachusetts. Now that he's all but certain to run in 2008, he has to cover his tracks. How do you do that? Blame the media.

Romney really, truly belives we're all stupid. And why shouldn't he? We're the ones who let him get away with office shopping between Massachusetts and Utah. We bought it when he said he took a moderate position on abortion. We elected him. We let him trash the city of Boston when it hosted the Democratic National Convention. We allow him to mock us when he stumps for his presidential campaign. He thinks we're stupid because we are.

Mitt Romney is a do-nothing governor. There's no list of accomplishments from his tenure as governor. His budget reforms were largely rejected. His education reforms were rejected. His insurance reforms are actively being rejected. He hasn't delivered on health care. What is his legacy? What makes him such an attractive candidate? At some point, someone will figure out the emporer has no clothes.

But that hasn't stopped the Repunlican party from picking a fraud before, so who knows how far he'll go.

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