Thursday, December 15, 2005

Back from Florida

I've been down in Florida for a work-related conference, which explains the lack of posting. I'll have a review up Syriana up soonbut for now, here's a quick story from my trip.

I had about six hours to kill between the end of the conference and my flight. I read about 70 pages of my book (Mission to America, which is great), and decicded I'd take a cab to Downtown Disney and catch a movie. I walked up just as "King Kong" was about to start, and thought, wow, that's really lucky.

I forgot the friggin thing is three hours long. I started to seriously freak that I would miss my flight. The movie was fantastic, and I plan to finish it this weekend, but I had to leave just as Kong broke out into the streets of New York.

If you're keeping score at home, I spent $30 on the round trip for cabs, $6 for the movie and $8 for popcorn and a Coke. That's $44 for a movie I didn't get to finish.

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