Friday, December 12, 2008

The People In The Neighborhood

I have finally cleaned up the blogroll, getting rid of some stuff I haven't read in years. I moved it all into one category, saving only the incomparable Univeral Hub and the always-spot-on-except-about-casinos Media Nation from the old Boston list.

I've also added a few friends and their new sites to the list.

  • Jonathan Messinger's Shoot the Messinger is always a good read. If you wanna know about politics, writing, or the Boston Celtics, he's your guy. 

  • My pal Stephen is a college administrator, and has started Face Space is Crazy as a way to talk with the young'uns about keeping themselves from getting killed, exploited or otherwise saddened by social networking.

  • Color Collecting is a group effort by some friends to photograph the bold and evocative things all around us. Really cool stuff.

  • My buddy James just started up Daily Snaps, a Tumblr site where he sends a pic a day from his cell phone camera. He has a knack for wordlessly finding the witty in everyday life.

  • The News Peg is John Huston's feisty blog about all things Oak Park, his little corner of Chicagoland. Be sure to check out his "Face to Face" segments. This sort of creative, fun endeavor is what newspapers across the country should be doing, instead of crying in their beers about classified ad revenues.

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