Friday, December 05, 2008

Gene and I, We're On A Mission From God

I had a weird dream last night:

I was at a diner, eating Boston Cream Pie and talking on the air with some radio program that was broadcasting live from behind the counter. The hosts kept calling me John from Winthrop, who was a guy that regularly called in, kind of like Butch from the Cape used to call WEEI. They had me sparring on air with another regular caller. At one point, I told them that I wasn't this John cat, and they were like, "So why did you let us go on and on like that?"  While answering, I accidentally dropped an F-bomb; I said, "You guys always assume that I'm him, so I said to myself 'Fuck it, just go with it.'" 

The radio guys were cool about it and said they bleeped it in time, but my friends Jason and Lisa said, "We totally heard it," and freaked me out that the FCC was gonna come look for me. Then they left, because Jason had to say goodbye to someone in Winthrop.

After that, I was working with Gene Hackman, who was trying to get revenge on this Burger King that had fired him. We ended up stuffing the end of a garden hose through a window, so the water would mix with the grease on the floor and the manager inside (played by William Fichtner) would slip and fall.

Except that there was too much water, so it was gushing in like there was a water main break or something, and people were getting swept away and hurt. Just then Jason and Lisa came back, and they had stolen an MBTA bus. We all got on the bus and sped away, but we wanted to help everyone trapped in the gushing waters at Burger King, so we stripped down the bus and converted it to look like a garbage truck, that way we could get around without the police getting wise. We went back and fixed the water problem, and then me, a bunch of my friends, Gene Hackman, and the crew at Burger King all got together at these long tables, like in the Harry Potter movies, and had a big meal. I woke up just as my cousin Rachel came out to serve us all chocolate chip Rice Krispie treats that were round like rice cakes.

 Of all that, I can explain the pie, because I had slice of Boston Cream at Kelly's Diner in Ball Square a couple of weeks ago. The rest? No clue. 

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