Monday, July 14, 2008

Jeter Sucks: The Statistical Inquiry

jeter error

I'm not saying Derek Jeter sucks. Science is saying Derek Jeter sucks:

"...Jensen's methods ("for each grounder ball-in-play—g-bip—we have the—x,y—coordinates in the field where the g-bip was fielded" and on and on) are grounded in the familiar language of the sabermetric literature. Mostly, though, the paper didn't provoke much intrigue because Jeter's badness is already an axiom of said literature. In fact, debunking the conventional wisdom about the Yankee captain's fielding prowess has become a standard method of proving the validity of a new fielding statistic. That places Derek Jeter at the frontier of new baseball research."

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Anonymous said...

More evidence that George W. Bush's attack on reason has invaded the Science world. Just as a bloop hit or line drive count as the same exact statistical unit, fielding stats are far from adequate when measuring a player's value to a team or a player's value relative to other position players within the American League. Pish posh. Go Yanks.