Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Jane Swift, Stooge

Former governor Jane Swift has come out of the shadows as a John McCain surrogate. She took a starring role in McCain's "Palin Truth Squad" presser and proved to the listening world that she's an idiot.

Swift seized on Obama's use of a common idiom "lipstick on a pig," and repeatedly insisted he was talking about VP candidate Sarah Palin. Jake Tapper has the gory details:

Speaking on behalf of the McCain campaign, former Massachusetts Gov. Jane Swift tonight flatly stated that Obama had called Palin a pig.

"[T]he formation of the Palin Truth Squad couldn't have happened too soon, as we saw when Sen. Obama in Lebanon, Va., this evening uttered what I can only deem to be disgraceful comments comparing our vice presidential nominee Gov. Palin to a pig," Swift said.

"Sen. Obama owes Gov. Palin an apology," she said.

Asked why she was so confident Obama was "comparing" Palin to a pig, she said Palin was the only one of the four candidates on both parties' tickets who wears lipstick.

"She is the only one of the four candidates for president, or the only vice presidential candidate who wears lipstick," Swift said. "I mean, it seemed to me a very gendered comment."

Josh Marshall has more.

You've been gone all this time, Jane. Did you really return to become a shill and a liar? Do we need to call Christy Mihos to come chase you out of public life again?

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