Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lunch was interesting yesterday

I was out at Marblehead Light eating lunch yesterday, which is sort of an everyday thing for me. While snacking away and listening to WEEI and NPR, I looked around the parking lot. There weren't many cars there yesterday, but I did see this Red VW Jetta or Passat or whatever about 15 feet away from my car. I hadn't noticed it when I pulled into the lot, and I didn't see anyone walking around out in the park near the lighthouse. OK.

After about five minutes of eating, listening and watching the waves hit the rocks, I look over again, and now I see people in the car; there's a guy with the passenger seat tilted way back, and a girl who's sitting with her back toward me. She was upright but leaning over towards the guy. Crazy, I think, I didn't see them walk back to their car. Was she…are they… And I sort of scold myself for being a sick pervert and thinking that that was what was going on.

Then the girl's shoulder starts moving rhythmically, and the guy gets this look on his face like he's constipated or has searing gas pain or…Jesus, is this really happening? I think, and now I can't stop looking in this car. I can't see anything that can confirm my suspicion, and I wonder at what point happy guy looks over at me and freaks out (Or gives me a thumbs up?).

Then I scold myself again, because really, who's that dumb to give someone a tugger in the car at 1:30 in the afternoon? I had to be imagining things, even if the guy now had his hand on the back of our heroine's head in the classic filthy guy move.

But apparently, I wasn't alone in thinking that these kids were taking matters into their own hands. An old lady, who had heretofore been sitting with her husband in her car, gets out and walks over to the red VW to check things out. She clearly was trying to be nonchalant about it, but was about as obvious in her snooping as any mom checking in on her teenage daughter.

At that point, I sort of craned my neck to check out this old lady (she was behind me). Then I look over at the happy couple. The girl was looking at the woman with a shocked look on her face, and wheeled her head around and looked at me with the same shocked look.

Next thing I know, she straightens up in her seat, starts the car and takes off. The entire time the guy is still in a supine position with his hand on her head. Talk about pressing your luck…


Anonymous said...

No Photos?

Anonymous said...

How gross!!