Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fund Our Zoo or We'll Shoot this Giraffe!

The Franklin Park Zoo says it will have to close if it Governor Patrick doesn't reverse the budget cuts to the facility. Not only will it have to close, they say, but they will have to kill the animals in the zoo to do so.

This has to be an empty threat. There's no way they shoot the animals in some odd public execution. Maybe they are angling to get more private donations in, or a partial restoration of state funds. Quick math tells me that they could also raise ticket prices by $7-$10 to cover the losses (you have to figure lower attendance when you raise the fees, which is why I put a spread in there.

Where would they get such an idea to try and scare the public to raise state funds? Two places. The MBTA. And the movie Fierce Creatures:

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tiim said...

my weekend was definitely dampened a bit by the "Don't Kill Me" gorilla cover on the Boston Herald (?)

Did you get on Jeopardy? (Don't tell anyone but I don't know how to read twitter)