Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stuck In My Head: Sonic Youth

See this video? It came out around 1994, and I remember seeing it and thinking "I've got to listen to some Sonic Youth, this is pretty good." I asked my friend to lend me some Sonic Youth tapes so I could give it a whirl. She said sure. But I never got the tapes from her.

Every few months, or maybe a every year, I'd ask again "Hey, could I borrow some Sonic Youth from you?" And she'd always say "Sure," and would never follow up. It was just a thing that kept happening. We started dating, then we broke up, and became frenemies, then reconciled and became good friends for years and years. All the while, I'd ask for some Sonic Youth, and she'd agree and never follow up.

Finally last month she sent me a couple of albums, and I haven't stopped listening since. Kinda worth the 15-year wait, I think.


tiim said...

There are a number of reasons this post is great: Sonic Youth is one of the greatest bands ever and the fact that you've discovered that is fantastic. Also, you've led me to a bounty of Sonic Youth high res videos I never knew existed. Beautiful. The one video I can't seem to find anywhere is Swimsuit Issue. Insane. Nicole has a DVD of their music videos. Check it out.

Berto said...

It took her 15 years to cough up the music, how long will I have to wait for the DVDs?

Yeah, mtvmusic.com went live a couple of months ago, and it's awesome, but I think it's a little under the radar right now. You can find some really fun stuff on the site, and they seem to be aggressively adding more videos all the time. I lose a lot of time there.

John Huston said...

I always had the hots for Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill, who appears in the Bull in the Heather video. That, by the way, has very little to do with your post.
I will say, though, that Sonic "Youth" are in their 50s now. So they need a name change, as far as I'm concerned. Sonic 401k, or something of that ilk...