Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Flirting With the Oldies

I voted this morning. I was the 151st vote cast in my precinct. There wasn't a line checking in, but I had to wait behind two people to check out. The guy in front of me, clearly an octogenarian, gave the septuagenarian poll worker his address.

Man: 10 Thorndike Street

Woman: Did you say 10, honey?

Man: Honey?! I am on the market.

Woman: (giggles like a school girl)

Man: I need someone to cook for me.

Woman: (stops giggling) I don't cook!

Me, to the old man: I think you blew it.

Man: I think so, too. (Leaves)

Me, to the Woman: I thought he had a chance.

Woman: He thought so, too, but I don't cook and I don't clean windows!

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