Friday, August 01, 2008

Introducing the Manny Burrito Bet

After a vigorous exchange of opinions about the Manny-plus-the-cast-of-It's-a-Mad-Mad-Mad-Mad-World-for-only-Jason-Bay Deal, we have come to this: Gambling.

My buddy Pete has bet me a burrito that Bay will have 10 more combined runs and RBIs than Manny. I took the action. If I lose, Pete gets some Anna's Taqueria love. If I win, I get a commensurate gut bomb somewhere in Chicago.

I'll track the players'  progress in a new sidebar feature to the right. Keep in mind, Bay had 136 R+RBI to Manny's 134 as of last night. So remember to shave two off the season totals if you wanna keep track that way.

Can't wait for that burrito...

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