Thursday, August 09, 2007

Revere Beach is noisy at night? WHAT?

Honestly, am I supposed to have sympathy for someone who buys a luxury condo on Revere Beach and is then surprised that there are kids outside making noise at night? These people wants some sympathy, and want the cops to push all the kids out into the sea, apparently:

"They sit on the wall, they talk loud, they laugh, they play the music, there's a lot of young girls," said Gloria DiSerio, taking a breath and mimicking a high-pitched yelling sound she said some of the girls make when they laugh: "'Aaaah! Aaaah!'"

Young girls laughing. The horror.

So what exactly is the next step? The article goes on and on about anti-gang measures and saturating the beach with cops, but how's that going to protect these poor luxury condo owners from young girls and their banshee-like laughter?

Or maybe they can get their neighbor evicted. She's an airline pilot. Think of all the noise SHE makes flying out of Logan every day.

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