Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Gerry Callahan vomits on freedom of religion

Remember how I said I was done with Dennis and Callahan? I've been backsliding, and just now I got a reminder why he's an incredible bigot: Gerry Callahan just said Muslims should not be allowed to pray on an airplane, because it makes everyone else on the plane nervous. Apparently, keeping your backwards stereotypes is more important than protecting first amendment rights.

Hey Jason Wolfe, isn't that just as bad, if not worse, than John DePetro calling Grace Ross a fat lesbian? Can we expect Callahan on the bread line tomorrow morning? Please advise.


Gary McGath said...

That's certainly a disgusting position to take, but it's not a First Amendment issue, since we're talking about a privately owned airplane (unless his position is that the government should be doing the forbidding).

Jesse said...
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Anonymous said...

Callahan is a scumbag - the other morning he was bashing the female British soldier held captive in Iran for being overweight!

Why doesn't someone (us?) start a boycott site/blog for those jerks!?