Friday, March 31, 2006

The Boston Herald needs to stop

Good grief.

What really bothers me about the Herald's wall-to-wall coverage of the Scalia hand gesture isn't that they totally screwed up and called the gesture obscene (It's absolutely, 100% is not). It's that they manufactured this controversy by missing a mistake by a reporter, and then claimed the mistake was actually part of a larger national conversation over whether the gesture was obscene.

In effect, they screwed up and put in on Scalia so they could sell more papers. It's slimy and unethical.

It's easy to hate on Scalia, not because I disagree with virtually every opinion we writes on the court, but because he's a prickly asshole. But he isn't stupid. Apparently, however, the Herald thinks you are. Why else would they feed us this ridiculous line?

* Full disclosure: I used to work for Community Newspaper Company, which is owned by Herald Media.

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