Thursday, February 23, 2006

A couple of things

  • It's official: frat boys and college freshman burnouts have ruined Bob Marley for everyone else.
  • My friend Gienna has a crazy neighbor who lives upstairs. Said crazy neighbor is fixing up her place to sell, and all the crazy is tumbling down the stairs to Gienna's house. Learn about the lamp here, and well meaning but not so swift Carlos here.
  • Larry Summers is out at Harvard, and all of a sudden, there are throngs of folk out there defending the guy. Where were they last week? The Globe ran one last jab at Summers yesterday. Harvard people are such friggin' navel gazers. I only thing I want to hear about Harvard is that they'll finally stop killing locals.
  • You've seen the trilogy, now see the real story of two men who fight hate and fear, and ultimately find love: Brokeback to the Future

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